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This entire collection was created by the common efforts of the entire Pelekh family and many volunteers, sommeliers and friends of the brand. The aroma and taste of kontabas is created for any life or professional event. Each detail of the bottle has an exclusive label design, hand-drawn by our artist on a handmade paper. The drink is filled with the delicate aroma and taste of the world's only collection of the oldest kontabas from 1993. Each bottle label illustrates a special natural phenomenon that helps each year to create new blends of kontabas: earth, air, water, sun, grain, forest, cold winter, black currant leaves and buds, distillate. All ten bottles are numbered in the Cyrillic number system from 1 to 10. This is the last collection of kontabas of 1993, which will be sold officially. Blended 70 percent of the 1993 kontabas and 30 percent of the 2018 kontabas.

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