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The story of the Kontapel brand starts in 2018, when brothers Roman and Andriy Pelekh accidentally found a real treasure of Ukrainian national traditions in one of the Transcarpathian villages. While buying a small house in the countryside, they found a small cellar with a little more than 90 liters of kontabas  bottled in 1993 alongside with a small notebook with, containing recipes for various drinks and dishes from the 18th century inside. The hut turned out to be a home of an old Ukrainian from the Zhytomyr region. Once upon a time he moved to Transcarpathia and in 2018 he died without close relatives, so the house was left without heirs.

Along with kontabas there were other objects of the alcohol culture of that time, such as young grape wine or beer from the times of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire. But the greatest treasure is the distillate on the blackcurrant buds. After researching this drink, it was decided to revive it in modern Ukrainian culture in its original form and taste. Of course according to an old recipe.

Some time later, in order to accumulate funds for the serial production of the kontabas beverage, there was a creative brand consisting of the words "kontabas" and the name "Pelekh" - Kontapel. Brothers planned to sell 400 bottles of 1993 kontabas, blended with younger kontabas, and raise funds to set up a shop, which they did.

After hundreds of positive reviews about the quality, depth of taste and originality of the kontabas, and several articles in the media, the guys began work on the serial release of this drink. By adding modern fermentation methods and filtration technologies to the production of kontabas, the Pelekh brothers began to produce this unique drink, which easily competes with best Scotch whiskey's and French cognac's.

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