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A 0.7l bottle of Kontapel’s kontabas as it is or in a box case is a great option as a gift to your friend or partner. Box covered with quality lacquer will leave an unforgettable impression of your visit or business meeting. Not to mention the sophisticated aroma and lingering taste of the kontabas itself.

37€ and 55€ box 


Tasting by Yevhen Synelnikov




"The content of spirits is so moderate,

my nose doesn't sore, this is good already.

I don’t even know... I'm imagining honey

or something like that, I don’t know...

The main note is probably the

blackcurrant itself, that is, now

I will recognize him, but before

that I didn’t came across..."



"It’s very good. Pleasantly balanced, a little bit of astringency, and there is bitterness. And again, this unfamiliar, but already familiar, interesting aroma remains in the mouth. We will call it kontabas... yeah, kontabas flavor. I mean, from what the distillate was made, I would not have immediately determined"



"Aftertaste is stable, again, it is very pleasant, that`s a completely recognizable note remains, but it is so... the note is easily distinguishable, but not aggressive, it is not some kind of mono note that would outshine everything else at once. Again, bitterness remains, currants... I am completely satisfied with what I've just tried"

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